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1. Scientists wanted to know just how big the smallest of the galaxies in the world is. And they have found out that the smallest galaxy is indeed very small.

tiny galaxy foundIts name is Segue 2, nicknamed The Dwarf Galaxy, because it contains only 1,000 stars. This may mean a lot for some, but it is good to remember that the Milky Way galaxy contains from 100 to 400 billion starts.

Specialists have even declared that the finding of such a small galaxy is like finding an elephant smaller than a mouse. The scientists have had some difficulties concluding it is indeed a galaxy, but since all the criteria are verified now, they were convinced they have found the smallest galaxy indeed.

2. Several countries in Europe are dedicated to recycling; among them, the country with the fastest recycling rate is the U.K.  In fact, analysis says that between 2000 and 2010, the U.K. has had the fastest rate of recycling in the entire world.

If in 2001, only 12% of the U.K. waste was recycled, in 2011, the percentage raised to 39% – a very important change. On average, the rest of the European countries managed to raise the percentage only by 13%, from 27% in 2001 to 40% in 2011. Among the countries that make serious efforts, and thus are indeed interested in increasing their recycling rate, there are Germany, Belgium and Austria.

3. A new medical machine will definitely change the life of many TB potential patients in Mozambique. The machine will be used for rapid diagnose of TB: patients will simply spit into a cup, and their spit will be rapidly analyzed. This way a lot of time is saved, and consequently many lives can be saved. The results are given to the potential patients only in a couple of hours and if they turn out to be positive, the treatment can be started right away.

4. People that choose to walk 15 minutes after each meal are thus able to prevent developing diabetes type 2. Due to these walks, the blood sugar is kept under control. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by specialists at George Washington University. When the blood sugar level is raised, this could lead to diabetes, so if people choose to rest after they eat, it could be dangerous to their health.

5. A test that can point out the Down syndrome could be performed to very early pregnancy stages, meaning between week 11 and 13. Due to an ultrasound technique, a certain portion in the back of the baby’s head is measured, and based on that the doctors can evaluate if the baby has got the disease or not.

Of course, when there appears to be a risk of Down syndrome, further tests are conducted, so that the persons involved receive complete, trustworthy information.

6. When it comes to kids under five years old, about half of the number of deaths per year in the entire world is caused by malnutrition. This means that about 3 million kids, aged under five, die because they do not receive proper food. The first 1,000 days in the life of a kid, from conception till the age of two, are crucial for the further development of the child. This is why it is so important that kids receive the proper food, containing the proper nutrients.

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